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Monthly Cheese Selection


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The Fine Cheese Co. Monthly Cheese Selection

If you find the idea of three perfect cheeses arriving on your doorstep exciting, then make a date with our monthly cheese selection.

We choose cheeses from what is inseason and in the best condition, and we provide detailed cheese notes to chew on. It’s not a club, because you may buy one month’s selection a year, all twelve, or simply dip in and dip out whenever you choose – and of course the selection makes a wonderful present for a cheese-lover.

Every selection contains around 600g of freshly cut and individual cheeses (enough for 6–8 people) plus a pack of our own The Fine Cheese Co. Crackers (a different one every month).
Our monthly selection arrives on the first Thursday of each month, ready for the weekend.

A monthly selection costs £36 including overnight delivery to most GB mainland destinations. 6 selections cost £190 delivered, if paid in advance (save £26). 12 selections cost £360 delivered, if paid in advance (save £72 - 2 months FREE).



Monthly Cheese Selection - December 2014

Pecorino Rosso Pecorino literally translates as ‘little sheep’ and various forms are found throughout Italy. This Pecorino is made by the Fabbri family in Tuscany, and differs from the saltier, harder Romano and Sardo. It is characterised by its richer, subtler flavour .The Tuscan ewes enjoy fragrant and aromatic pastures, which produce rich milk. The rind is rubbed with tomato pulp to create the characteristic red colour, and the cheese is matured for two to three months to produce a crumbly texture and a delicate but full flavour. This length of maturing allows it to be classed as semi stagionato. Ewe, Pasteurised Perl Las This is an organic blue cheese made by Carwyn Adams and his family at Caws Cenarth Cheese, Dyfed, West Wales. Carwyn’s parents, Gwynfor and Thelma Adams, have been farming for over 42 years. They established the cheese-making business in 1987, as a response to the EEC milk quotas which threatened the viability of the family farm. To do so, Thelma and Gwynfor drew on skills derived from a long family tradition of cheese-making to use up their surplus milk. Today their cheese-making business is thriving, with their son Carwyn at the helm. Cheese is still made entirely by hand in the time-honoured way, and pressed in hundred-year old cast iron presses. Carwyn developed the recipe for Perl Las whilst experimenting with some Caerphilly cheeses that had gone awry. A young Perl Las (which translates as blue pearl in English) has a light taste and a salty flavour. When it is more mature, it becomes golden in colour and stronger in taste, yet still with a creamy flavour. Cow, Pasteurised, Vegetarian, Organic Chaource Chaource has been renowned since the Middle Ages, and was a favourite of Louis X’s queen, Marguerite de Bourgogne. It originates from the area surrounding the town of Chaource in the south of Champagne, and has been protected by AOC status since 1970.It is characterised by a long slow set which was the result of the farmers’ habit of leaving their morning milk as they went out to tend their vines. It is ladled by hand and left to drain for several days. Over the period of the next few weeks, Chaource ripens to form a bloomy Penicillium rind. This creates a creamy breakdown under the rind, yet, due to its barrel-shape, Chaource retains its acidic lactic core. We select ours from the last fermier (farmhouse) producer, Gaec de Tourelles. It is creamy and delicate, with an apple-scented flavour and an ice cream texture. Cow, Unpasteurised Hazelnut Oaten Biscuits
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