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The Fine Cheese Co. Monthly Cheese Selection

If you find the idea of three perfect cheeses arriving on your doorstep exciting, then make a date with our monthly cheese selection.

We choose cheeses from what is inseason and in the best condition, and we provide detailed cheese notes to chew on. It’s not a club, because you may buy one month’s selection a year, all twelve, or simply dip in and dip out whenever you choose – and of course the selection makes a wonderful present for a cheese-lover.

Every selection contains around 600g of freshly cut and individual cheeses (enough for 6–8 people) plus a pack of our own The Fine Cheese Co. Crackers (a different one every month).
Our monthly selection arrives on the first Thursday of each month, ready for the weekend.

A monthly selection costs £36 including overnight delivery to most GB mainland destinations. 6 selections cost £190 delivered, if paid in advance (save £26). 12 selections cost £360 delivered, if paid in advance (save £72 - 2 months FREE).

June Selection

Eve - Goat, Unpasteurised
Peter Humphries is never one to stay still. Constant experimentation has led him to produce such a wide range of cheeses. Eve is a small soft goats’ milk cheese that is washed in Somerset Cider Brandy before being wrapped in a vine leaf.

When young, Eve is soft and creamy, but it develops in complexity as it matures. There are ‘nutty’ hints that
complement the ‘goaty’ notes, and both are balanced by the slightly pungent rind.

Teifi - Cow, Unpasteurised, Vegetarian
A happy marriage between Welsh farming and Dutch cheese-making. John Savage and Patrice Savage-Onstwedder produce this powerful, mature, Gouda-style cheese in Dyfed, Wales. They use their knowledge and experience of Dutch cheese-making methods to turn local, creamy Welsh milk into a rich, sweet cheese. Teifi has a smooth, dense texture, and a full flavour with a great length of finish.
Fourme d’Ambert - Cow, Pasteurised
A succulent and classic blue from the Auvergne. The cheese is aged for ten weeks by affineur Xavier Morin, to create the richest creamiest texture. Fourme d’Ambert has a delicate blue flavour, and is soft and smooth.

The Fine Cheese Co. Rosemary Crackers
Wheaty and crisp, subtly flavoured with rosemary and sugar-free.

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