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Contact Us

Here are the contact details for people working at The Fine Cheese Co., to help you reach the right person.
But don't worry, we're all happy to speak to you if you're not sure!

Mail Order (including Cheese Wedding Cakes, Monthly Cheese Selections, and Business Gifts)
Customer Service  Tel: 01225 448748 customerservice@finecheese.co.uk 

The Fine Cheese Co. & Artisan Direct (GB Wholesale)
Dean Lord
Mob: 07919 332775 dean@finecheese.co.uk
Flo Neame
Tel: 01225 473252 fn@finecheese.co.uk
Nicola Glanville
Tel: 01225 473254 nicola@finecheese.co.uk
Annie Paget
Tel: 01225 487995 ap@finecheese.co.uk 
Ben Ticehurstt
Tel: 01225 487992 bt@finecheese.co.uk   

Cheese Export
Oliver Sutton
Tel: 01225 473256 oliver@finecheese.co.uk
Séverine Rivière
Tel: 01225 473256 severine@finecheese.co.uk  

Dry Goods Export
John Siddall
Tel: 01225 487998 john@finecheese.co.uk  

Artisan Direct USA (Dry Goods in the USA)
Janet Shadle
Tel: 425 712 8257 janet@artisanbuiscuits.co.uk

Cheese Shop and Cafe
Emma Draper
Tel: 01225 483407 shop@finecheese.co.uk  

Buying and Logistics
Ben Robinson
Tel: 01225 473260  ben@finecheese.co.uk  

PR and Marketing
Ann-Marie Dyas
Tel: 01225 487997 am@finecheese.co.uk  

In-House Designers
Yoshiko Uno-Flukes  yoshiko@finecheese.co.uk
Florence Robertson flo@finecheese.co.uk