Bleu des Causses

This rich French blue has the salinity of a Roquefort, but a buttery character from the Montbeliarde and Aubrac cows’ milk.

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Bleu des Causses bears more than a passing resemblance to its close cousin, Roquefort. Hailing from the Auvergne region of central France, it shares a similarly spicy character and the same smooth, creamy consistency as its more famous relative.

Historically, Bleu des Causses and Roquefort would have been closer still, when a more fluid approach to the milk was used. Farmers may have mixed their cows’ and their ewes’ milks according to what was more plentiful.

Ewes’ milk is also much more expensive than cows’ milk, as the yield is so low, so there would have been a further incentive to the cheesemaker to combine the milks.
AOC rules put a stop to this practice with Roquefort being awarded the very first appellation for cheese in 1925. Bleu des Causses took longer to be recognised and was only awarded the appellation in 1953.

The Causses region is a dramatic landscape of volcanic limestone caves, deep gorges, steep, wooded slopes and grassy plateaux. The cheeses are matured in the limestone caves, which provide the perfect environment to nurture them to maturity. The cool, moist air maintains an even temperature throughout the year and is regularly refreshed by openings to the sky, which draw fresh air across the mountain meadows and deep into the caves.

Bleu des Causses is a sometimes overlooked sumptuous treat. With a moist, luscious paste, it is a cheese of lively character, with a full spicy taste.

*A whole Bleu de Causses weighs 1.3kg. Smaller weights are a cut of a whole cheese. 

More Information
Country of Origin France
Milk Variety Cows'
Style of Cheese Blue
Vegetarian No
Organic? No
Unpasteurised? No
For Pregnant Women? No
Ingredients Cows' Milk, Salt, Starter Cultures, Ripening Cultures, Animal Rennet
Nutritional Info (per 100g) Energy 1454KJ, 352Kcal | Fats 30g of which Saturates 20g | Carbohydrates 0.5g | Proteins 20g | Salt 3.2g
Allergen Advice

For allergens see ingredients in bold.

Keep refrigerated below 8°. For pieces that are 500g or larger, please eat within 14 days of receipt. For pieces smaller than 500g, please eat within 10 days of receipt.

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