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  1. Steak and Stilton
    What To Do With This Blue

    A few novel ideas on how else you can enjoy Stilton. 
    Whether you choose Colston Bassett, Cropwell Bishop, or indeed any blue cheese of your choosing, we have a few recipe recommendations for you. 

  2. British Cheese Awards 2019
    British Cheese Awards 2019

    The British Cheese Awards are the Oscars of Britain’s cheesemaking industry, and though there isn't quite the same level of  glitz and glamour as one can expect in Tinseltown, the sheer number of talented cheesemakers, and the trestle table-bucklingly large amount of artisan British and Irish cheese on display more than makes up for it.

  3. The British Cheese Awards 2018
    The British Cheese Awards 2018

  4. Westcombe Dairy and White Lake Cheese, Two of Our Cheesemaking Neighbours
    Westcombe Dairy and White Lake Cheese, Two of Our Cheesemaking Neighbours
  5. The Fine Future for The Fine Cheese Co.
  6. The Fine Cheese Co. visit Berkswell Cheese-makers

    28th February 2012
    Sue Lock

    I arrived at Ram Hall just in time to pull on a very long glove and plunge my arm into the partly separated curds and whey for a gentle stir.  Cheese making in Berkswell is very hands-on.  Powdered lamb’s rennet is added to the warm raw milk, all of which comes from the farm’s flock of 650 Friesland and Friesland-Devon cross ewes.  The milk is heated, stirred and cut before Julie and her team mould the cheese by hand into colanders, giving the cheese its characteristic shape and patterning.
    The Fine Cheese Co. visit Berkswell Cheesemakers

  7. Classic Valentine’s Day Cheeses : the story

    January is always a quiet time in the cheese business, as waistlines expand and belts tighten.  For those of us  who haven’t started a fad diet, or are still working our way through the remains of the, Stilton we can start to turn our heads to the next ‘cheesey’ event: Valentine’s Day.
    Cheese may not be your first thought when it comes to Valentine’s Day but lovers have been giving cheese as a gift for over 500 years.

    It all started during England’s occupation of France during the Hundred Years’ War (1337 – 1453).  In the region of Neufchatel, French dairy maids, enamoured by their English occupiers, started to make the local cheese into a heart shape.  And so the ubiquitous and original heart-shaped cheese was born - all  soft, white, bloomy rind and creamy interior.
    Since then cheese-makers across the globe have taken to making heart-shaped cheeses for Valentine’s Day.  
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