Staff Picks for This Christmas

With quite a few selections to choose from this year, we thought it might be of use to learn the thoughts of a few members of The Fine Cheese Co. team. Each person we spoke with provides a little insight into the concepts behind the chosen selections, and, perhaps more importantly, the kind of people who will enjoy receiving these selections.

I’ve chosen this selection because you know they have to be pretty amazing cheeses to make it to the the Super Gold stage of the World Cheese Awards. I also can’t eat blue cheeses, so the fact that this provides a great range of styles that even I am able enjoy, makes it even better.

Ollie Setterfield - Finance

I think the West Country has a well-deserved reputation for making superb cheeses. Three of my favourite cheeses are in the mix, and nothing here is too strong … so I think this will be the selection I will send to my family.

James Spiller - Cheeserooms

I’ve picked this one for my mum. I think it’s a totally unique concept for a cheese selection box, but the cheeses themselves are fantastic in their own right. St. Cera is a particular favourite of mine. It’s just so moreish.

Lucy Osborne - Marketing

My friends in Scotland would really enjoy this cake. I think the sparklers will add a little flair to their Christmas, which is something I think we all need after this year. Plus, one of the cheeses, the Chabichou, comes from France, so it would be wrong of me not to include at least one cheese from my home country.

Patrick Ballanger - Shops

I’m sending this to my brother in London.
He appreciates your typical Christmas cheeses and doesn’t usually venture very far beyond his comfort zone.
This selection will tick the ‘traditional’ box for him, but will also give him a taste of the more adventurous side of life.

Garth Andersen - Export

You know the type of people who insist Christmas is all about the classics? That’s my dad.
This will be for him, but I’m going to try and take some of the Reblochon for myself when he isn’t looking.

Georgia Sheppard – Business Analysis