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Some Words About Ann-Marie Dyas, Co-Founder of The Fine Cheese Co.

Ann-Marie Dyas The Fine Cheese Co. Bath

We know how saddened you will be to learn that Ann-Marie died on Saturday morning, at her home in a house and village that she loved.

Ann-Marie was the spirit of our business, and we are determined that this spirit will not lose its strength and momentum.

Our vision and our values will not change.

We have been so grateful to all those of you who have shown your commitment and loyalty to The Fine Cheese Co.

We look forward to continuing this relationship, long into the future.

7 thoughts on “Some Words About Ann-Marie Dyas, Co-Founder of The Fine Cheese Co.”

  • Rick Porazinski

    Ann-Marie has created a wonderful business that's strong, resourceful and well respected and loved. Her memory will live on.

  • Adrian Apodaca

    We are sorry for your loss. We looked up to Ann-Marie and the business that she built so successfully that is tremendous testament to her. Our sincere condolences to her family, friends, and staff at The Fine Cheese Co.

    Adrian - Honeyrose Bakery

  • Jane Panahy

    I have been very saddened to hear today of Anne-Marie's death. Since I came to live in Bath 20 years ago The Fine Cheese Co. has played a very important part in my life. I met Anne-Marie shortly after arriving and was always struck by her passion for food and in particular for championing the very best producers and their products. I recall the interest she took in The Slow Food movement and the promotion of their ideals. Anne Marie was no ordinary retailer, she was driven to deliver only the very best to her customers and to this end she strove to share her own very real passion for artisan cheese and all manner of delicious products with a wider public.
    Like many passionate and driven individuals she demanded high standards from her staff and over the years has employed many enthusiastic and creative young foodies, instilling the disciplines she expected from them in the care and delivery of her excellent range of products. Bath has been very blessed to have this very special food business at its heart for so many years and I for one wish it continued success after Anne-Marie's passing. Keeping the high standards and vision will take special vigilance and inspired direction and I wish it the very best of luck. I will continue to support it for as long as it continues to supply the very best cheeses as it always has done and endeavours to sow respect for the making and savouring of only the very finest natural products.

    I send my condolences to John and Anne-Marie's family and friends, and to all those charming young people who serve and have served in her Bath shop, and those affected directly by this sad news. I shall miss Anne-Marie's commitment to supporting fine, small producers. We need people who really care about what it takes to make really distinctive, interesting food, and I shall miss our conversations enthusing about her latest discoveries or merely sharing the pleasures of some interesting food experience. Rarely does one meet a person who demonstrates that they really care about something, Anne-Marie certainly cared about fine food and she has left her distinctive mark on our attitudes to it both here in Bath and wherever her business touched. Her contribution to the raising of standards in the production, delivery and enjoyment of artisan cheese in the U.K. has been immense.

  • Julia Wyld

    Having been in from the beginning when we saw that stylish shop first being painted and realising what was coming, we have always been delighted with everything we have ever bought from you and of course the delightful service and help we have received. We were very sad to hear about Ann-Marie, but what a legacy she has left not only for Bath but the world. We spotted your biscuits on the South Island of New Zealand about 10 years ago! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  • Vicki Shervington
    Vicki Shervington 8 October 2017 at 8:09 pm

    Patrick and I are so shocked and saddened to hear only last Friday when I was in Fine Cheese Company the news of dear Anne Marie. We have known her for 30 years when she opened her shop in the late 1980's and have love and admired her vision and success for FCC as we call it. It was only last year when we called into see her in her and Johns
    beautiful garden in West Littleton. I sincerely hope FCC continues with the high standards that were set by her and the superb quality of fine cheeses and chacuterie and charming staff. God bless her and our love to you all and John.
    Vicki Shervington

  • Pam Digva

    I am so sad to hear of Ann-Marie’s passing. I worked at The Fine Cheese Co whilst at University back in 2004/5 and always looked up to Ann-Marie. She was a joy to work with and a font of cheese and deli knowledge. A great business woman too! Sending love to John, the family and all FCC staff, past and present. Pam x

  • Charlie Alexander

    So very very sad to hear of Ann Marie's passing just recently. I only met Ann Marie a few times but was immediately struck by her open, warm and loving personality. She dearly loved her garden and we were lucky enough to provide her with tables and chairs for her garden near Bath. I do hope Ann Marie had some joy out of these and the rest of her wonderful garden before her passing. Ann Marie was definitely as special person, not a passenger in the journey of life and someone who enriched this planet we live on. God bless xxx

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