Frequently Asked Questions about Cheese Wedding Cakes

1. How much cheese should I order?
We base our serving numbers on 70g to 100g per person. 70g is ample if you are serving the cheese immediately after the breakfast or as part of a buffet. If the cheese is the main part of the evening buffet, you will need to allow at least 100g per person. You might like a little more, if you think your guests will be particularly hungry (or greedy!)

2. Who decorates the cake?
You will want to make your cheese wedding cake your own, so ask your florist, caterer or an artistic friend to decorate it for you.

3. Can you deliver to any address?
We deliver by courier to anywhere in the UK mainland. Contact us on 01225 448748 or if your wedding is in the Scottish Highlands, as some addresses will need a two-day delivery service.

4. When should I order my cake?
Please give us at least two weeks’ notice to ensure that the cheeses are ordered, reserved and in perfect condition for the big day. Many people prefer to order much earlier than this, so that they can tick another job off their list! You can order anytime, and we will arrange the delivery date with you. If your wedding is fewer than two weeks away, please do give us a call. We have been known to work miracles!

5. When do you deliver?
 We deliver at least two days before the event. So, if your wedding is on a Saturday, we shall deliver on the Thursday. We can deliver to you, the venue or the caterer. We send all the parcels by courier on a timed before-noon service, and, on dispatch, we will send you a shipment tracking email.

6. What do we do with the cheese once we have received it?
You need to refrigerate the cheeses on arrival. Then bring them out on the day, and set them up in the venue. Full instructions are included in the delivery box, and don’t worry if you are having a Brie de Meaux on the bottom. There will be full instructions in the box, telling you how to deal with it.

7. If we have a Brie on the bottom, won’t it get squashed?
We love our cheese too much to allow it to get squashed! It may look like all the cheeses are balancing on the Brie, but we supply you with a Brie support and clear instructions on how to set up the cake.

8. How long can the cheeses be out at room temperature?
Four to five hours is fine, depending on how warm your venue is likely to be. A marquee in the height of summer can get quite warm. Please do not place the cheese cake in direct sunlight or next to a hot radiator. We would recommend covering the cheeses with a damp cloth, to keep them cool and to stop them from drying out.

9. I would like to create the tiered effect as in the Esme and Beatrice – how do I do this?
 We can supply the glass separators to create this effect. Just ask, when finalising your order.

10. Do you supply the cheese boards? 
You will want to decide on the final look of the cake yourself. So we will just send you the cheese and you can choose how to display it.

11. What do people present them on?
Some have used traditional wedding cake stands, others wooden boards or slate boards. We can give you dimensions for each tier, to help when you are sourcing these.

12. What if I don’t like all of the cheeses in the selection – can I create something more personal?
Yes. We would be happy to create a bespoke selection for you. We can give you advice on which cheeses are suitable, and how to put them together.

13. I haven’t heard of some of the cheeses – how can I taste them?
Our tasting boxes include a sample of each of the cheeses in your cake. Order one of these and settle down with a glass of wine and our tasting notes to try the cheeses in the comfort of your own home. If you are local to Bath or Belgravia, we can offer a tasting session at our shop. We host these Monday – Friday. Contact us on 01225 448748 or to arrange your session.

14. What should I serve with the cheese?
We have a fabulous range of catering crackers which will make the perfect accompaniment to your cheese. We can also provide chutneys and delicious jars of fruits for cheese.

15. When do I pay?
You pay for your cake when you place your order. This can be as far in advance of the wedding as you like. We will just arrange a suitable delivery date.