Choosing and Caring for Cheese

Individual cheeses (soft or hard) on the whole last better than cut cheeses, and in general you can expect a shelf-life of seven days from receipt on any individual cheese we deliver. (The exceptions are very fresh goats' milk cheeses like Perroche, which, if not eaten within three to four days, may be frozen very happily.)

Hard cut cheeses like Cheddar, and robust blues like Stilton, if carefully wrapped and stored in waxed paper or foil, keep for a week or more.

Some soft cut cheeses like Gorgonzola and Brie de Meaux are more temperamental. In those cases, we advise you only to order what you are planning to eat in the next three to four days, or consider softer cheeses with a better keeping quality, such as Cornish Blue instead of Gorgonzola, and Camembert instead of Brie de Meaux. If you are in any doubt, please ask us for advice.

All our cheese selections contain general instructions about the care and storage of cheese. However, we are of course happy to answer questions about any particular concerns you may have.

So, always feel free to call us on 01225 448748.


HOW TO KEEP A CHEESE-BOARD in Tip-Top Condition Outside the Fridge