Miller's Crackers and Biscuits for Cheese

Miller's Toast®
A uniquely versatile range that has raised the bar in the cracker market. 60% fruit, nuts and seeds in the thinnest, crispiest, slice of toast-shaped cracker. Perfect for nibbling, for cheese, pâtés or to partner a drink.

Miller's Damsels®
Three perfect neutral, hexagonal wafers in upright boxes.
Our top sellers: Wheat and Charcoal, plus NEW Buttermilk: a tangy, blonde wafer with a rich tang.
Made with stone-ground flour, grown and milled in England, or with English butter and buttermilk.

Miller's Harvest™
Each cracker has a distinct character from the seeds, nuts and fruits. Essentially a neutral foil to partner cheese, meats and dips. All natural with no additives and preservatives.

Miller's Ale
What beer lovers have been waiting 10,000 years for. ( as long as beer has been in existence)
A cracker made with Ale.

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