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Graham Padfield

Graham Padfield

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What time do you get up?

I get up when my body clock tells me to, .

That usually coincides with my waking up……….. but not always!


What’s your favourite cheese (other than the ones you make)?

No such thing, variety is the spice of life and it is the diversity of cheese that gives it its endless fascination.

What do you drink with the cheese that you make?

You can’t beat water! it’s a million times cheaper than wine, cleans the palate beautifully, and contains absolutely no calories whatsoever.. Round here we drink Bath water, not to be confused with bath water!

What’s your favourite cheese anecdote?

I like the fact that cheese making involves billions of bacteria making lactic acid to help us make a food that keeps well and tastes good. I liked it so much that that we stated it on the label under ingredients:- “ contains billions of lactic acid bacteria”!. Then in conversation with another stall holder at the famers market, (and this was a woman selling well hung wild game) I was told me it really put her off eating our cheese. And since the customer is always right we don’t put it on the label any more!

If you weren’t a cheesemaker what would you be?

A trawler man, I like the idea of floating on top of water rather than waiting for it to fall on my head.

What is your favourite view?

Looking south from a field at the top of a cliff in Cornwall, watching the sea and the way it changes with the mood of the weather, seeing the colours, the movement, hearing the sounds, feeling the air….. its like heaven.

What’s your greatest extravagance?

I once persuaded a reluctant bank manager to lend me a small fortune to build a new milking parlour and housing for 150 cows on a green field site. I massaged the figures a good deal to make it look good,but when milk quotas were imposed, things looked very bad. Then after a while a while we started making cheese……and that’s when the trouble really started!

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