Katharine Wedding Cake Tasting Box

Why not order a tasting box to try together at home? We know you'll find the cheeses taste as delicious as they sound.

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Product details

Why not order a tasting box to try together at home? We know you'll find the cheeses taste as delicious as they sound.

Please allow two weeks’ notice for your wedding cake tasting box to arrive. You can choose your preferred delivery date at the checkout.

This box will include samples of the following cheeses:

Top tier
180g - Goat, Pasteurised
Made by Charlie Westhead. Dorstone is sprinkled with ash, and then ripened. When you cut through the matured cheese, it has faint veining reminiscent of Carrera marble. The curd is snowy-white, the texture ice cream, and the flavour mellow and rich.

Second tier
180g - Sheep, Thermised , Vegetarian
Made by Anne and Andy Wigmore, this is a gentle, delicate washed-curd cheese with a smooth texture. Complex and fruity, rich and unctuous, its heavenly texture and delicacy of flavour make this a cheese of real refinement.

Third tier
250g - Cow, Raw Milk
Baron Bigod is a stunning Brie-style cheese, with a rich, full, earthy flavour and a lingering finish. It’s made by Jonny Crickmore from the milk of his own herd of Montbeliarde cows in Suffolk. Jonny likes the cheese best when its wrinkly coat has broken down the golden, buttery paste under the rind, while a thin line of lactic curd at the centre remains.

Fourth tier
250g - Cow, Pasteurised, Vegetarian
One of the last remaining hand-ladled Stiltons. Hand-ladling produces an intensely rich and creamy cheese, and the Colston Bassett flavour is deep, lingering and complex, with a smooth, velvety paste and a full, well-balanced flavour. Slightly sweet, with a ‘mineral-y’ tang.

Bottom tier
275g - Cow, Raw Milk
A traditional, raw milk Lancashire, with a wonderfully mellow tang. The last Lancashire made to the traditional two-day curd method, Kirkham’s Lancashire has the desired ‘buttery crumble’ and moist, pressed texture. The cheese is clean and lactic in flavour.


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More Information
For Pregnant Women? No
Organic? No
Unpasteurised? No
Vegetarian No

Keep your cheeses refrigerated below 8°. 

Hard Cheeses - Eat within 14 days of receipt. 

Whole Cheeses - Eat within 7 days of receipt or the date shown on the pack. Once you have cut into the cheese, eat within 5 days.

Soft and Blue Cheeses - For pieces that are 500g or larger, eat within 14 days. Pieces smaller than 500g, eat within 10 days of receipt.

Semi-Soft, Washed Rind and Crumbly Cheeses - Eat within 10 days of receipt. 

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What's included

P Pasteurised
An English goats' milk cheese coated in ash, with an ice-cream texture, and creamy and mellow flavour
Colston Bassett Stilton
Colston Bassett Stilton
P Pasteurised V Suitable for Vegetarians
An intensely rich and creamy Stilton , with a deep, lingering, complex flavour.
T Thermised V Suitable for Vegetarians
Delicate and creamy sheep’s milk cheese with a gentle flavour. Its heavenly texture and delicacy make this cheese of real refinement.
Hand-Selected Kirkham's Lancashire
Hand-Selected Kirkham's Lancashire
R Raw Milk
A traditional, creamy, unpasteurised Lancashire cheese, with a wonderfully moist, pressed texture, and a mellow tang.
Baron Bigod
Baron Bigod
R Raw Milk
A fabulously full-flavoured Brie-style cheese, hand-made in Suffolk by Jonny Crickmore from the milk of his own herd of Montbeliarde cows.