Keen's Cheddar Truckle

A cloth-wrapped, small, whole, unpasteurised Cheddar truckle.
B Suitable for Pregnant Women R Raw Milk
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While a standard Keen’s Cheddar weighs in at a whopping 24kg, this 1.5kg truckle is far easier to fit in your fridge. Smaller, younger and subtler in character than its boisterous big brother, this traditional, clothbound and raw milk Cheddar is nevertheless rich, full-flavoured and satisfying. The perfect addition to your Christmas table.

* This is a hand-made, artisan cheese, which may contain naturally occurring blue veins. These are normal and intrinsic to the nature of this type of cheese and add to its character. We think they taste good too!

More Information
Milk Variety Cows'
Style of Cheese Hard
Vegetarian No
Organic? No
Unpasteurised? Yes
For Pregnant Women? Yes
Pack Weight 1.5kg
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