Olivia Wedding Cake Tasting Box

Why not order a tasting box to try together at home? We know you'll find the cheeses taste as delicious as they sound.

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Baby Burt's Blue   + £0.00
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Product details

Why not order a tasting box to try together at home? We know you'll find the cheeses taste as delicious as they sound.

Please allow two weeks’ notice for your wedding cake tasting box to arrive. You can choose your preferred delivery date at the checkout.

This box will include samples of the following cheeses:

Top tier
180g - Cow, Thermised
An aromatic cheese from Champagne. Only turned once to form the crater at its centre, the cheese is washed to create Langres’ characteristic surface and voluptuous interior.


Second tier
100g - Cow, Pasteurised
Made by the Rouzaire Family. It is lusciously creamy and sinfully rich. The classic and original triple-cream cheese. Invented in the late 19th century, and named in homage to the late, great gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat- Savarin.


Third tier
250g - Cow, Pasteurised, Vegetarian
Rich, buttery, sweet and gentle. The cheeses are hand-pierced to allow small pockets of blue to form in the creamy paste, and tiny blue veins to appear through the spaces between the curds. Claire Burt’s skill in creating a tiny blue cheese is not easily matched.


Fourth tier
230kg - Cow, Raw Milk
Xavier collects his St. Nectaire cheeses at two or three days’ old and matures them in his cellars, where the natural mould forms and the flavour develops. The finished cheese has a creamy, supple to soft texture, and a distinctive ‘earthy’ flavour.


Fifth tier
250kg - Cow, Pasteurised, Vegetarian
Invented in 1984, Yarg has gone on to become a modern classic in British cheese. Loosely based on a Caerphilly recipe, the cheese is wrapped in nettle leaves to preserve its fresh, bright, lactic taste.


Bottom tier
250g - Cow, Raw Milk
Made since 1930 by the undisputed kings of Brie de Meaux: Family Dongé, one of the last seven producers of this cheese. Rich and powerful in flavour, with ‘mushroomy’ notes. The promise of soft riches that glide down the tongue, as the cheese eases away from its crust, makes it irresistible. 


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More Information
For Pregnant Women? No
Organic? No
Unpasteurised? No
Vegetarian No

Keep your cheeses refrigerated below 8°. 

Hard Cheeses - Eat within 14 days of receipt. 

Whole Cheeses - Eat within 7 days of receipt or the date shown on the pack. Once you have cut into the cheese, eat within 5 days.

Soft and Blue Cheeses - For pieces that are 500g or larger, eat within 14 days. Pieces smaller than 500g, eat within 10 days of receipt.

Semi-Soft, Washed Rind and Crumbly Cheeses - Eat within 10 days of receipt. 

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What's included

Baby Burt's Blue
Baby Burt's Blue
P Pasteurised V Suitable for Vegetarians
Made by Claire Burt in Cheshire from local milk, this little blue cheese is creamy in texture, with a sweet tang from the blue veins. The paste softens as it matures, but the flavour remains mellow and rich.
Cornish Yarg
Cornish Yarg
P Pasteurised B Suitable for Pregnant Women V Suitable for Vegetarians
A nettle-wrapped cheese with a fresh, clean taste.
Brie de Meaux Dongé
Brie de Meaux Dongé
R Raw Milk
Made since 1930 by the undisputed kings of Brie de Meaux cheese: family Dongé. Rich and powerful in flavour with "mushroomy" notes.
T Thermised
An aromatic cheese from Champagne, washed to create a characteristic undulating surface and voluptuous interior
Brillat Savarin 100g
Brillat Savarin 100g

Lusciously creamy and sinfully rich triple-cream cheese.

Saint Nectaire
Saint Nectaire
R Raw Milk

Made from the milk of the now-rare breed of Salers cow native to the Auvergne region of France. Saint Nectaire has a supple and creamy paste and a gloriously ‘earthy’ flavour. From Affineur Xavier Morin.