For the last 30 years, we have brought the best artisan cheese, charcuterie, chocolates and other fine foods to our customers through a variety of channels. This includes our shops, our À Table dining, our mail order delivery service, as well as wholesaling and exporting to independent retailers across the UK, and throughout the world.

The logistical know-how we have built over the years, means that we are now well-placed to adapt to the current situation in a way that enables us to support those who need us now more than ever. Our customers, and the artisan producers with whom we work.

Cheese has been called ‘milk’s leap towards immortality’, but recent times have caught everyone on the wrong foot. This is especially the case for small, independent producers of soft cheeses. Some hard cheeses may happily sit in a maturing room for a number of years, but we only have a matter of weeks to enjoy a soft cheese before it is past its best. So these producers need all the help they can get in bringing their unique creations to market. However, the same is equally true of all our small independent producers. Those who have resisted the lure of mass-production, and who have opted for the riskier path of choosing quality over profit, are facing the same sorts of risks that once saw their forebears forced to close their doors.

There is a real community spirit in our industry, and we are all doing what we can to support one another. Our customers are playing a crucial part in this, and we’ve collectively been overwhelmed by the way the public has rallied around our producers already. In that same community spirit, we want to share with you the ways we have changed our business to help you in return.

To keep things simple, and to put your minds at rest, we have split each area of our business into two sections. The first section will let you know at a glance what we are doing to make life easier for you, and the second section will tell you what we are doing to maintain and enhance our already rigorous standards of hygiene.


Our website has seen a surge in visitors from customers who want to have our food sent out to their loved ones, or to themselves while they stay at home.

We have therefore:


a) Increased Our Range – so we can bring something close to our full complement of artisan foods to you at home. This means more cheeses, more charcuterie, more chocolates and other fine foods and drinks from an even wider range of producers are available to order online. A number have been added already, and this will steadily increase.

b) Increased Our Delivery Days – We have now added Saturday deliveries to our delivery calendar, specifically to help those front line workers who may not have the option to stay at home during the week.

c) Introduced Lower Priced Options– The majority of our range has long been described as ‘affordable luxury’. While the luxury element isn’t in doubt, we’ve worked hard, in conjunction with our suppliers, to make some of their selections available at a lower price.


a) Expanded Our Cheese Rooms – This has allowed for more of our cheesemongers to jump to the task of preparing your orders, while maintaining safe distances from one another.

b) Expanded Our Mail Order Packing Rooms – Now our staff who pack your orders can also do so from a safe distance.

c) Enhanced Our Hygiene – We are well used to maintaining high levels of hygiene, but are taking extra to ensure no detail is overlooked, and all frequently handled items are regularly sanitised.



Our shops remain open, for our usual full range of foods and drinks to be taken away. We have made it easier to order our meals quickly by providing for an ‘order in advance’ service, via phone or email.

Belgravia: 01225 617953 |

Bath: 01225 433 937 |


We have introduced a ‘one customer at a time’ rule in order to allow for effective social distancing so as to keep our customers and staff safe and healthy. We have provided extra hand sanitisers and regularly sanitise all door handles, card machines and other frequently touched surfaces throughout the day.


These are difficult times too, for our Wholesale and Export customers. We are doing what we can to remain available to them, and to adapt to any specific challenges they face on a case by case basis. We have also:


a)  Reviewed our delivery structures and have started introducing free delivery at lower thresholds.

b)  Split our workforce and redirected phone lines, so that those working from home can still be contacted directly by our customers.

c)  Reviewed our logistics chains for our Export customers so we can find the best costs available.


a) We have enabled half of each of our teams to work from home.

b) The office team has rearranged their desks so they can maintain a distance from their colleagues.

c)  Hand sanitisers are placed all around the offices, and there is an hourly cleaning schedule for door handles, light switches and other frequently used surfaces.

Though we run the risk of repeating ourselves overmuch, we wanted to thank you once again for all the support you are continuing to give to both us and the small businesses from which we source our delicious foods. In this ever-changing situation, we have followed, and will continue to follow the UK Government’s advice. The Government is saying: “Whatever it takes…” We are adding: “Whatever we can provide”.