Rolling Cheese Subscription

A rolling cheese subscription delivered to your door every 1, 2 or 3 months.

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Arrives 1st Thursday of the Month

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A delicious voyage of discovery into the world of artisan cheese

Every month we hand-select four cheeses (approximately 800g) and a pack of crackers, from seasonal favourites to those that we’ve ripened to perfection. For each cheese, there are tasting notes and a cheese card guide that will make a connoisseur of anyone.

We guarantee the same cheese won’t be sent twice*. Our range is a broad one and we love to share it with an audience that’s passionate about cheese.

You can choose to have a subscription box delivered every 1, 2 or 3 months, and if you're a vegetarian, or not a fan of blue or goats' milk cheeses, you can update your preferences at any time.

We want to make life easy for you, so this is a cheese club with a difference. There is no commitment, you can also pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

*Over a 12 month period and if you haven't selected a bespoke option.



Subscription Deliveries

We'll deliver your cheese subscription box on the first Thursday of every month*.

*Please note all subscriptions purchased after the 24th of the month, will start the following month. i.e. If you purchase your subscription on or after 24th July, your first delivery will be on the first Thursday of September.

Subscription Payments

Your first payment will be taken when you sign up for a subscription. The card you choose to use at checkout will then be charged on 24th of each month for subsequent subscription payments.

Pause or Cancel Your Subscription Anytime

You can pause or cancel your Rolling Subscription at any time. Login to your account to manage your subscription here.

If you have any questions or need help with your subscription, please call us on 01225 448748 or email

More Information
For Pregnant Women? No
Organic? No
Unpasteurised? No
Vegetarian No
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Why subscribe?

Hand Picked

Every month we hand-select four cheeses from seasonal favourites to those that we’ve ripened to perfection.

Delivered for free

We deliver on the first Thursday of every month for FREE. 

Not Just Cheese

Not only do you receive 800g of wonderful cheese each month, we also include a pack of crackers from our wide range. 

No Hassle

Once you've started your subscription, we'll take care of the rest. If you change your mind, it's simple to pause or cancel from your account.

Meet our experts

Freshly cut & wrapped

We unashamedly source, care for and sell the best cheese, because that is what we believe in. Our trained cheesemongers cut every piece to order, by hand, and wrap it in our waxed paper. We do this because it is the most respectful way to treat this precious food.