Serrats Baby Sardines in Olive Oil

Bay of Biscay sardines. Delightfully bijou and oh so tasty!

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Only the finest and smallest sardines are selected (16 - 20 sardines per tin) and are manually cleaned and heads removed before steaming and placing in olive oil.
The time between the capture and canning of the Sardines is kept to the minimum to maintain the nutritional properties of the fish, which is high in vitamins B12, A, D, K & E as well as Omega-3 fatty acids and oleic acids.The resulting fish is bright and tasty with a soft and juicy texture.

We have been importing Serrats from Vizcaya, Spain for some time to sell in our own shop in Bath and have always been so impressed with their quality and consistency. Theirs is a truly artisan business that respects and upholds traditional fishing methods and is dedicated to the produce of their coast and region.

Others may have a more well-known name, but this small fifth generation family business established in 1890 is the real McCoy.

While Serrats methods are traditional, their facilities are modern. They start with exceptional raw materials from the Bay of Biscay: the finest White (bonito) Tuna, Anchovies and Sardines. Serrats prepare their fish daily without additives or preservative and then preserve only in olive oil.

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Pack Weight 120g
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