Grand Slam - The 6 Nations Selection Box

Six players from six nations. Who will reign supreme in 2024? We have a team sheet like no other, with each nation represented by one of its finest stalwarts.

Assemble your cheeseboard and sit back and watch as the action unfolds with a selection box that will make you feel like a Grand Slam Champion!

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England - Bix
100g - Cow, Pasteurised
Centre - With its luxurious, ice-cream texture that matures from crème fraiche to clotted cream, Bix is more than ready to tackle any palate head-on. With the addition of double cream, you may find your once previously silky passing abilities suddenly lacking. One thing is for sure, you won’t be taking a punt when Bix is in your hands.

Wales - Golden Cenarth
200g - Cow, Pasteurised, Vegetarian, Organic
Lock - A seasoned pro, Golden Cenarth can act as the primary target in any cheese lineout. Made by Carwyn Adams on the family farm in Carmarthenshire, this pungent, washed rind cheese has gone on to win a number of awards. It will provide power to the pack and will not be afraid to rough it amongst any cheese scrum.

Scotland - St Andrews Cheddar
250g - Cow, Raw Milk
Flanker - Although it might not seek to take centre stage, like any top flanker, St Andrews Cheddar is a great all-rounder. It has a sharp and fruity flavour with a cheeseboard work rate that simply cannot be denied. As such, St Andrews has even Somerset Cheddars looking over their shoulder, making it a staple in any team line-up.

Ireland - Cashel Blue
250g - Cow, Pasteurised, Vegetarian
Fly-Half - The heartbeat of any side and, some may argue, the most influential player on any platter. Cashel Blue is notably Ireland's most famous blue cheese, and, although it may crumble early on, it matures to become richly creamy, 'honeyed' and piquant as the game progresses, and one that will guarantee to turn any crowd into a frenzy.

France - Comté
250g - Cow, Raw Milk
Hooker - Only specialist front rows can play hooker, and Comté is no exception. It is a raw milk French cheese that hails from the Jura mountain region and it is one of Frances' favourite cheeses - and ours, when in the hands of Marcel Petite. It is smooth, mellow and nutty with a long finish. You will be sure to secure possession, once Comté has got you hooked!

Italy - Carboncino
160g - Cow/Goat/Sheep, Pasteurised
Winger - Just like any top winger, Carboncino is light on its feet and full of creativity. Three separate milks are used to create this charcoal wonder, that of cows, goats and sheep. Then ash is sprinkled on the young cheese to form its characteristic rind. But it certainly won't be just hogging the touchline as it is more than prepared to provide that extra option when called upon. With Carboncino, you will be sure to score, and you won't even have to try!

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