Triple Crown - 6 Nations Selection Box

Four players from four nations, all vying to raise aloft the coveted Triple Crown in 2024. Any one of these cheeses deserves a trophy. But with our Triple Crown selection box, you can be sure of emerging try-umphant.

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England - St Jude
90g - Cow, Raw Milk
Scrum-Half - St. Jude is a truly versatile player, with a flavour that moves from being more buttery in the winter to more vegetal in the summer. Although usually one of the smallest members of the team, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in taste. Don't let the fact that it is named after the patron saint of lost causes fool you, for you can trust there will be no dropping the ball with its inclusion on any team sheet.

Wales - Perl Las
250g - Cow, Pasteurised, Vegetarian, Organic
Number 8 - Like any great Number 8, Perl las will tackle your taste buds with ease time and time again. A young Perl Las has a light taste and a salty flavour. As the cheese matures, the colour deepens to a rich gold, and the flavour becomes fuller, yet still with a delicate creamy texture. Whilst good at support play, you will find Perl las is equally adept at holding its own in any cheese maul.

Scotland - St Andrews Cheddar
250g - Cow, Raw Milk
Flanker - Although it might not seek to take centre stage, as with any top flanker, St. Andrews Cheddar is a great all-rounder. It has a sharp and fruity flavour with a cheeseboard work rate that simply cannot be denied. As such, it has even Somerset Cheddars looking over their shoulder, making it a staple in any team line-up.

Ireland - Killeen Goat Gouda
250g - Goat, Pasteurised, Contains Iysozyme (EGG)
Fullback - Killeen can handle the responsibility to tackle any gaps that may appear on your cheeseboard. This fresh and nutty goat Gouda-style cheese has its roots in the Netherlands. However, Irish influence has given it a unique style and taste. You can be confident of staying out of the sin bin when Killeen is in your squad.

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Suitable For Pregnant Women? No
Organic? No
Vegetarian No
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