Natural Skyr - 400g Pot

Icelandic-style yoghurt made by Fen Farm Dairy. Virtually fat free and full of healthy live bacteria, this Skyr is rich and luscious, but light and refreshing too.
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In 2019 Johnny Crickmore, the maker of Baron Bigod and Bungay Raw Butter, made a pilgrimage to Iceland. Ever the perfectionist, Jonny wanted to learn from the renowned Skyr-maker, Thorgrimur. He has made quite the success of it, and can now transform the leftover skimmed milk from his cultured butter into traditional Icelandir Skyr. The results are delicious and nutritious.

More Information
Country of Origin British Isles
Milk Variety Cows'

Milk, Lactic Cultures

Nutritional Info (per 100g)

Energy 304 KJ, 72 Kcal | Fat: 1.8g | Carbohydrate 3.6g | Protein 9.8g | Salt 0.08g

Allergen Advice

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Pack Weight 400g
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