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Sue Proudfoot

Sue Proudfoot

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What time do you get up?

I can be very slow in the morning - unless I am dashing off to a sailing or horse event!

What’s your favourite cheese (other than the ones you make)?  

I love Fourme d’Ambert - with oatcakes and lots of red wine of course.

What do you drink with the cheese that you make?

Whilst I am making it?! We have lots of Cornish Cider in the dairy for rind washing our Keltic Gold cheese - which is a great temptation when things are going badly. A dry white Sauvignon Blanc with my zingy creamy Cornish Crumbly is a wow.

What’s your favourite cheese anecdote?

A dear old gentleman in our village, who plays the church organ very badly and wears a paisley waistcoat and extremely thick glasses, once bought one of my baby mould ripened Trelawny cheeses from our local village shop. He took the cheese back the next day and complained that "this pork pie I have bought is rather mouldy." I do hope he doesn't read this!

If you weren’t a cheesemaker what would you be?

I should love to be able to indulge my passion for the countryside by painitng landscapes and contemporary scenes of rural life.

What is your favourite view?

We live right on the North Cornish coast, looking west over the Atlantic. When I return from marketing forays up country, I love to see the sea stretching into the distance beyond our farm. It always brings peace to my soul.

What’s your greatest extravagance?

My husband, my horse and my boat - in that order!

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