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Suzanne Stirke

Suzanne Stirke

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What time do you get up?  

I get up at 6.30am in order to feed my boys and bacon and sausages and to get them onto the school bus for 8am.

What do you drink with the cheese that you make?

I like to drink a long whisky and lemonade when I’m eating my cheese, to be honest, when I’m eating ANY cheese.

What’s your favourite cheese anecdote?

A few years ago, I was selling cheese at a local agricultural show.....it was hot......very very hot.  I had stripped down to the bare essentials under my apron.  I had a gentleman wanting to buy some of my King Richard III cheese and as I bent over to cut the cheese, I asked him how much he would like. His reply was, as he gazed down my cleavage, that he’d like a piece the size of one of those.  It took me a moment to cotton on to what he meant!  And those of you who know me will know he wanted quite a bit of cheese. It was a good sale.

If you weren’t a cheesemaker what would you be?

I’d go and read Medieval History at University.

What is your favourite view?

Standing on the old racecourse at Richmond, North Yorkshire you can see over to the coast which is 25 miles away to the east and over the Dales to the  south. The story goes that years ago it was possible to see the tops of the sailing ships, that notion rather appeals to me.

What’s your greatest extravagance?

Books.....and the time spent reading them!

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