Westcombe Veal and Fennel Saucisson

M Veal & Pork Fat
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This saucisson combines veal* from Westcombe’s own dairy herd, and the back fat of Tamworth pigs from Gothelney Farm. A perfect example of the way Westcombe combine animal welfare, devoted husbandry and outstanding skill in charcuterie production.

*Artisan cheesemakers, charcuterie producers and much much more, the team at Westcombe goes to admirable lengths to provide a healthy and wholesome life for their animals. Led by Tom Calver, who believes a happy herd must be the starting point of any endeavour on their farm, Westcombe’s approach is an integrated and unified one. Equal attention is paid to the animals’ pastures, diets and bedding, as to Westcombe’s own curing and cheesemaking techniques. This respect for their animals means very little goes to waste, and their cheesemaking expertise often overlaps with their charcuterie production, making for greater sustainability all round. This fact is neatly illustrated by the fact the veal in this saucisson comes from the dairy bull calves from Westcombe’s herd.

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Country of Origin British Isles
Pack Weight 250g - 300g
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