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Xavier Morin

Xavier Morin

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What time do you get up?

I get up nearly at 05.00 AM

What’s your favourite cheese (other than the ones you make)?

Brie de Meaux

What do you drink with the cheese that you make?

Red Wine, I prefer Bourgogne ( strong wines )

What’s your favourite cheese anecdote?

In the 60’s  2 couples came from Paris to Cantal to work with my father, live the hippy life and make cheese. The cheese they made was the luscious goats’ milk cheese that my father named ‘Fouchtra’ - a word in Cantal dialect that alludes to their free-love lifestyle!

If you weren’t a cheesemaker what would you be?

I would be a formula 1 driver

What is your favourite view?

The Cantal's mountains, more exactly the view of Jordanne's valley from the Plomb du Cantal.

What’s your greatest extravagance?

My three wonderful daughters. (Xavier’s 3 daughters were all born on the same day but in different years!)

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