Frequently Asked Questions

‣ How long will my cut cheese last?

Like any good cheesemonger, our aim is to send you cheese that is in perfect condition to eat, not cheese that you need to ripen at home.
The following advice will help guide you on what to expect:

In general, whole or larger pieces of cheese will last longer than smaller cuts, but the style of cheese plays a role too.
Individual cheeses: You can often expect a shelf-life of seven to fourteen days from receipt on any individual cheese we deliver. 

Hard cut cheeses like Cheddar and Gruyère, and robust blues like Stilton and Fourme d’Ambert, will keep for up to fourteen days if carefully wrapped and stored in waxed paper or foil.
Some soft cut cheeses like Brie de Meaux and Waterloo can be more delicate but generally they will keep for ten to fourteen days.
If you are in any doubt, please ask us for advice. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about your cheese, so always feel free to call us on 01225 448748

‣ How should I store my cheese?

All cheese needs to be stored in the refrigerator, below 8°C. (The same applies to our charcuterie.) 

‣ Can I freeze my cheese?

We do not recommend freezing your cheese, as this will affect the taste and texture.

‣ At what temperature should I serve my cheese?

We would recommend bringing your cheese out of refrigeration one to two hours before you are going to serve it, which will be long enough for it to reach room temperature - the ideal temperature at which to eat cheese.

‣ If I order now, when will my parcel arrive?

If you order with us before noon, Monday to Thursday, we are able to arrange for your parcel to arrive on the following day (except to certain postcodes in Scotland). Our mail-order department is not available at the weekends, but our shops are open. Please see our shops’ website for further information.

‣ Can I order now for a delivery date in the future?

Yes. We have a calendar feature on our checkout page that enables you to select a delivery date of your choosing.

‣ How will my parcel arrive?

All of our boxes are packaged in our The Fine Cheese Co.- branded boxes. These are brown boxes, with our logo and cheese illustrations. Instructions are printed on the box too, where we advise you to refrigerate your products as soon as you are able.

You can also choose our gift-wrap option, which is £3.95, and your parcel will arrive in a blue and white, John Broadley-illustrated box with a The Fine Cheese Co. ribbon wrapped around the parcel. (Your gift box is placed in a waterproof bag for protection during transit, with a sticker on top, advising you to refrigerate the cheese on arrival.)

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‣ Where do you deliver and how?

We deliver to mainland UK addresses using our third-party courier service, DPD. If you provide a mobile number, DPD will send you a text message advising you of an estimated arrival time for your package.