'Artisan Direct' - UK Wholesale

The Fine Cheese Co. & Artisan Direct

Whether you're a shop, hotel, restaurant or caterer, we'd love to talk to you.

But first of all, we'd like to tell you who we don't and won’t supply: we don't and won’t supply supermarkets. Our commitment is to the independent trade, whether you're Fortnum & Mason or the local corner shop, whether you're a Michelin starred restaurant or a neighbourhood bistro.

We offer a range of products – and artisan cheese of course.

  • We specify the cheeses we want directly with the cheese-makers, who select them for us. We collect British artisan cheese from the farms, and mature it appropriately. We similarly import directly cheese from France weekly, and from Ireland, Italy, Spain and Holland every two weeks.
  • We always have in stock the entire range (including catering packs where available) of The Fine Cheese Co. partners for cheese: Crackers and Biscuits, Fruits and Whole Fruits, English Pickles and Chutneys, and Pickled Onions and Shallots...and The Fine Cheese Co. Sables, made with only freshly-grated cheese.
  • We also always have in stock the entire range (including catering packs where available) from our sister company, Artisan Biscuits:
    • Savoury Crackers and Biscuits: Miller’s Damsels, Mondovino and Grate Britain
    • Sweet Biscuits: Elegant & English, Caffe Dolcetti, Our Generation, Miller’s Stones, Two by Two and My Favourite Bear
    • Cookies: The Fine Cookie Co.
  • We have French, Italian and Spanish artisan charcuterie that we import directly.
  • We are the exclusive domestic distributors of L’Artisan du Chocolat.

We offer a personal and tailor-made service for cheese.

  • You’re welcome to come to our shop in Bath, spend time tasting cheese and pick up the tricks of the trade that we’ve learned over the last 20 years.
  • We work together to find the best selection of cheeses for where you’re based, for the space you have, and for the customers you wish to attract.
  • We let you know what’s coming into season, and what’s particularly good at that time.
  • We give you full notes on every cheese you take, and, if you want, we can also provide you with shelf cards, weights, straw mats and wrapping paper.
  • We are in contact regularly, just to make sure that everything is running smoothly, but, at any time, we are on hand to answer your questions, and solve your problems (preferably cheese-related!).
  • We select and mature cheese, so as to make sure it reaches your customers in prime condition.
  • We stock over 150 cheeses: British, and, imported directly, French, Irish, Italian, Swiss, Dutch and Spanish. They are all ‘artisan’, and they include of course all the ‘artisan’ winners from the British Cheese Awards - some that are familiar names and some that are exclusive to us.

Please give Flo Lucy a call on 01225 473252, email florence@finecheese.co.uk

or Dean Lord on 07919 332775, dean@finecheese.co.uk