Serrats Line-Caught Ventresca Tuna Fillets in Olive Oil

Delicate, soft fillets from the belly of the tuna. This is tuna for the connoisseur.

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The belly is the most prized part of the fish because of the high fat content which results in a melt-in-the-mouth texture.It is softer and more buttery and milder in flavour than loin.

Packed by hand because of its delicacy, only one and a half cans of Ventresca can be made from each fish.

Only smaller 9kg to 15kg pole-caught fish are used, which are hand-selected on a daily basis.
The fish are prepared the same day they are caught and if the catch that day is of not good enough quality, then they simply do not produce.The production is very fastidious; tunas are washed 4 times and put in special tuna ‘Jacuzzi’ to make sure the meat is perfectly clean.
The tuna must then remain in the can for one year to mature and soften.

We have been importing Serrats from Vizcaya, Spain for some time to sell in our own shop in Bath and have always been so impressed with their quality and consistency. Theirs is a truly artisan business that respects and upholds traditional fishing methods and is dedicated to the produce of their coast and region.

Others may have a more well-known name, but this small fifth generation family business established in 1890 is the real McCoy.

While Serrats methods are traditional, their facilities are modern. They start with exceptional raw materials from the Bay of Biscay: the finest White (bonito) Tuna, Anchovies and Sardines.
Serrats prepare their fish daily without additives or preservative and then preserve only in olive oil.

More Information
Ingredients White tuna (FISH), Olive oil, Salt
Nutritional Info (per 100g) Energy 1286KJ, 310KCal | Carbohydrates 0g of which sugars 0g | Fat 24.5g of which saturates 4.2g | Protein 22.3g | Salt 1.3g
Pack Weight 115g
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