Mimolette Extra Vieille 18 Months

The classic, French cannon ball cheese, Mimolette is flinty, deeply savoury and nutty.

P Pasteurised B Suitable for Pregnant Women
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Legend has it that Mimolette was first made at the request of Louis XIV  in the 17th Century, when his Minister, Colbert, banned the import of Dutch products due to the war with the Netherlands. 
Edam was reportedly one of Louis’ favourite cheeses, so local cheese-makers in Lille were asked to make a version, which they did; but they coloured it with annatto to make it stand out from its Dutch rival. 
Totally unlike modern Edam, Mimolette has a natural rind, with a distinctive pock-marked surface that makes it look somewhat like the craters on the moon. The roughness is caused by the proliferation of cheese mites (usually the bane of a cheese maturer’s life, but in this case his friend!).
Our choice of Mimolette is at least 18 months old; and it comes from one of the bigger and more famous ripeners, Cesar Losfeld, who have been maturing the cheese in their brick cellars since 1871.

*A whole Mimolette weighs approximately 3kg. Smaller weights are a cut of a whole cheese. 

More Information
Country of Origin France
Milk Variety Cows'
Style of Cheese Hard
Vegetarian No
Organic? No
Suitable For Pregnant Women? Yes
Ingredients Milk, Salt, Rennet, Cultures, Annatto
Nutritional Info (per 100g) Energy kJ, kcal (1436/345) | Carbohydrates 2.3g of which sugars <0.6g | Fat 24.3g of which saturates 17.1g | Protein 29.4g | Salt 1.9g
Allergen Advice For allergens see ingredients in bold.

Keep refrigerated below 8°. For pieces that are 500g or larger, please eat within 14 days of receipt. For pieces smaller than 500g, please eat within 10 days of receipt.

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