The Fine Cheese Co. Toast for Cheese Catering Selection

Toast for Cheese Catering Selection serves approximately 70 people with 5 Toasts each.


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Product details

‘Toast’ is oh so thin, light and crisp, but what makes it unique is that around 60 % of the cracker is composed of fruits, nuts and seeds. Making it oh so fruity, oh so nutty and oh so - well ‘seedy’!

4 x 100g Date, Hazelnut & Pumpkin Seed Toasts
For Lush Creamy Cheeses such as Jean Grogne, Delice de Bourgogne, Brillat-Savarin and Brie de Meaux. 

4 x 100g Apricot, Pistachio & Sunflower Seed Toasts
For Delicate Goats’ Milk Cheeses such as Dorstone, Chabichou, Crottin de Chavignol and White Nancy. 

4 x 100g Cherry, Almond & Linseed Toasts
For Rich Blue Cheeses such as Fourme D’Ambert, Stilton and Devon Blue.

Especially for caterers. Not in pretty boxes!


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