We only offer ‘artisan’ cheeses, some of which may only be bought through us. By ‘artisan’, we mean cheeses made predominantly by small producers using traditional methods, and often making only one cheese and with the milk from their own herd. We have direct relationships with the cheese-makers (and affineurs) themselves, specifying and agreeing on age, condition, flavour profile... then those cheeses are personally selected for The Fine Cheese Co. We prefer to collect our British cheeses directly from the farms, and we mature them appropriately here in Bath. We similarly specify and import cheeses directly from Ireland, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, and Holland.

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  1. £46.90
    V Suitable for Vegetarians R Raw Milk
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    P Pasteurised V Suitable for Vegetarians
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    V Suitable for Vegetarians

Showing 141-161 of 161 Products