Rose Cheese Wedding Cake

A stunning five-tiered centrepiece for your wedding that features cheeses from countries across Europe. France provides a decadent double cream cheese for the top and a classic Brie de Meaux for the bottom. In the middle, you will find a heady, Italian, truffled Pecorino, a rich and creamy Welsh blue and a flower and herb strewn cheese from the Bavarian Alps.

Serves 135 to 195 people.


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Product details

Price includes FREE before noon delivery on your chosen date on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.
Please choose a delivery date at least 2 days before your wedding day.

We usually need at least two weeks’ notice to arrange the cheeses for your cake and to make sure that they are perfectly ripe for your big day. If your wedding is less than two weeks away, please call us before placing your order to avoid disappointment. We have been known to work miracles!


Top Tier

250g - Cow, Pasteurised

Ice cream texture. Begins fresh and milky, and ripens to earthy and salty. Made in Burgundy since the Middle Ages, this cheese is prized for its snowy texture and trickling cream line. The long, slow set comes from the farmers’ historical habit of leaving their morning milk to rest as they went out to tend to their grapes.


Second Tier


Approx. 1kg – Sheep, Pasteurised

Sweet, delicate and aromatic. Fine crumbs and slices of Scorzone and Bianchetto truffles are scattered throughout this supple Pecorino. The cheese’s natural aroma mingles with the heady scent of truffles for an intoxicating mix, and the taste is balanced and beautiful.


Third Tier

Approx. 2.6kg - Cow, Pasteurised, Vegetarian
Rich, buttery and sweet. ‘Perl Las’, which means ‘Blue Pearl’ in English, was created by Carwyn Adams, following the appearance of a delicious blue vein in a traditional Caerffili.


Fourth Tier


Approx. 6kg – Cow, Thermised

With the aroma of mountain meadows, this cheese has a sweet and gentle flavour. Alp Blossom’s simply stunning appearance ensures this cheese will be the belle of the ball on any cheese platter. The rind is coated in a mix of scented flowers and herbs.


Bottom Tier


3kg - Cow, Raw Milk
Made since 1930 by the undisputed kings of Brie de Meaux: Family Dongé, one of the last seven producers of this cheese. Rich and powerful in flavour, with ‘mushroomy’ notes. The promise of soft riches that glide down the tongue, as the cheese eases away from its crust, makes it irresistible. 


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Price includes FREE before noon delivery on your chosen date on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.
Please choose a delivery date at least 2 days before your wedding day.
Customers in some postcodes in the North of Scotland may incur a surcharge and should choose a delivery date at least 3 days before their wedding date. Please contact us on 01225 448748 or to confirm.

Please note that the fruit and flowers used in the photograph are not included.

More Information
Diameter of Base (approx) 35.0cm
Height (approx) 31.5cm
Serves 140-200
Weight (approx) 13.68kg
Suitable For Pregnant Women? No
Organic? No
Vegetarian No
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What's included

P Pasteurised

A rich, soft cheese from the Champagne region. Its paste has the texture of ice cream. The flavour begins fresh and milky, and ripens to earthy and salty.

Brie de Meaux Dongé 3kg
Brie de Meaux Dongé 3kg
R Raw Milk
Perl Las Whole
Perl Las Whole
P Pasteurised V Suitable for Vegetarians

When young, Perl Las has a delicate taste. With more maturity, it becomes golden in colour and stronger in taste, yet still with a luscious, creamy paste. 

Pecorino Al Tartufo Whole
Pecorino Al Tartufo Whole
A sweet and delicate sheep's milk cheese, with a scattering of white and summer truffles throughout; a marriage made in heaven.