NEW Fruit & Nut Presses for Cheese

Grace & I for The Fine Cheese Co.

Grace & I Grace & I

We met first met Grace and I president: Mina Kolahi and her delightful parents in New York, where their fabulous Fruit & Nut Presses are on the counter of  every cheese shop and fine food store worth visiting.
Inspired by their Mediterranean roots, these hand-layered, edible works of art are made by family company Grace and I in California where the sun beats down on the local fruit. The fruit is selected by the family and dried in-house before pressing.
There are several combinations to choose from including the winter seasonal: Persian Press with its persimmons and quinces.
The Presses come in two sizes and the long 775g Press would look amazing at a party,  a wedding,  or large family get-together.
The Presses tick all the boxes, being all-natural, gluten free, vegan certified, Kosher and with 100% non-gmo ingredients.

Exclusively available from The Fine Cheese Co.

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