Valentine's Day

  1. The Fine Cheese Co. Guide to Heart-isan Cheeses
    The Fine Cheese Co. Guide to Heart-isan Cheeses

    The Heart of Gold. Smooth and silky with a golden interior that will ooze onto your plate. Jonny Crickmore is the farmer and cheesemaker, and he works by hand.

  2. Eat Pray Love Cheese
    Eat Pray Love Cheese

    The French know a thing or deux about romance. While the custom of sending flowers on St. Valentine’s Day dates back to the late 17th century, the amorous French have a tradition that dates back much further. During the Hundred Years’ War, the French dairymaids of Neufchâtel would mould cheeses into the shape of a heart, and offer them as a token of affection to their English suitors. This was the start of a long tradition in Anglo-French relations, where the French impressed us Brits with their gastronomic skill, while we were busied ourselves annoying the locals with our tendency to get a bit lairy while abroad.