1. Serving and Cutting Your Christmas Cheese
    Serving and Cutting Your Christmas Cheese

    Salopettes, steaming mugs of hot chocolate and the Russian army are three things that have put in some of their best work at lower temperatures

  2. Staff Picks for This Christmas
    Staff Picks for This Christmas

    With quite a few selections to choose from this year, we thought it might be of use to learn the thoughts of a few members of The Fine Cheese Co. team. Each person we spoke with provides a little insight into the concepts behind the chosen selections, and, perhaps more importantly, the kind of people who will enjoy receiving these selections.

  3. Cheesemongers' Tips - Shelf Life & Home Care with Ruth
    Cheesemongers' Tips - Shelf Life & Home Care with Ruth

    In the run-up to an unusual Christmas, a number of our Cheesemongers have donned their helpers’ hats and have prepared a few words of wisdom.

  4. Gift Guide: Cheese Accessories
    Gift Guide: Cheese Accessories

    Cheese, like Christmas itself, can be viewed as one of those pleasures that may only be enjoyed for a brief moment of time, before it becomes naught but a memory. This in no way makes it any less significant, it may in fact be part of what makes it so special.

  5. Which Cheeses to Give at Christmas
    Which Cheeses to Give at Christmas

    Eating on Christmas day is a serious business, and should be approached with an attitude to match. As with any great feat or accomplishment, the wise among us know to take preparatory measures. Eat only a light breakfast. Wear your loosest fitting clothing. Drink something sparkling (the bubbles expand the stomach). Take a morning walk if weather, schedule and inclination allows it. And never, under any circumstances, have ‘just one more’ of anything. You don’t want to peak too soon. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

  6. Why Give Cheese at Christmas?
    Why Give Cheese at Christmas?
  7. Cheeses For Christmas Parties
    Cheeses For Christmas Parties

    The Fine Cheese Co. Christmas cheeseboard

    December is poking its frost-nipped nose round the corner and we’re all getting prepared for Christmas. Though we may enjoy more than our fair share of different cheeses throughout the year, much like everyone, else our Christmas cheeseboard often sees us returning to the classics. Complex Stiltons, full and fruity Bries and strong and tangy Somerset Cheddars. But what about in the run up to Christmas, and all those parties and gatherings there might be to attend? You don’t want to run the risk of indulging in the classics too soon, but we are not ones to argue for abstaining. Far from it. We have devised a list of cheeses that will whet the appetite for festive fare but will treat you to flavours, textures and milks that you may not experience on the big day.

    The run up to Christmas is also the perfect time to introduce the cheese-curious among your circle to cheeses they may not yet have had the pleasure of trying, as we find the Christmas spirit is often also an adventurous one

  8. A Christmas Thank You to all of Our Wonderful Customers
    A Christmas Thank You to all of Our Wonderful Customers

    A HUGE thank you to all of our customers for the fantastic orders you have placed.

    Christmas is definitely on the way thanks to your largesse (and DPD, our couriers).

    We have had some amusing phone calls, and many grateful ones.

    It was good to talk - so more thanks  for making a challenging time of year a joyous one.

    To the three impossible to please (or even get a word in edgeways) customers, who would make Miss Piggy seem even tempered. Don’t worry it will all soon be over.

    Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you.

    From The Fine Cheese Co. team.