Why Give Cheese at Christmas?

The Fine Cheese Co. Christmas Cheese Table

The beauty of an artisan cheese is that it is an affordable luxury; something you can indulge in without wondering what else you may have to do without. Served at a party or as an after-dinner course, artisan cheese is an exceptional and elegant final act to proceedings. Offering an array of flavours, textures and aromas, cheese is the consummate showman, and will bring the house down to rapturous cries of ‘Bravo!’.
It also makes for a unique gift, as not everyone knows how simple it can be to provide an impressive cheese course. It is true, as with any spectacle, that a lot of work takes place behind the scenes to prepare an artisan cheese for its moment of glory. To the uninitiated, this can be daunting, and may give rise to a number of questions. When does it taste its best? What does it go with? Do I have to serve it a special way? Do I have to mature it at home?
An artisan cheese needs daily care, and wants a level of attention that would make the most mercurial of us feel abashed. Temperature, air flow and humidity have to be just to each cheese’s liking, and that’s before you consider the daily cleaning, brushing and turning regimen. After that, it needs to be cut and wrapped in waxed paper ( cling film should be avoided) and then, yes, given the right treatment at home. Cheese can be quite the diva.
Faced with this, it's easy to hope that someone else in your circle will take it upon themselves to provide this year’s pungent Christmas plunder. The good news is, it needn’t be this way. Having access to a good cheesemonger will allow you to save yourself any hassle, take all the credit for the work that goes into its performance, and impress your friends with your excellent forethought and good taste.
If you do not have access to a good cheesemonger on your local high street, worry not. We have the same philosophy when sending cheese out via our website, as we do when preparing it directly for a shop customer. We are not mere internet traders; we care for our cheese in our maturing rooms, taste it on a daily basis, and cut it to order. We know precisely when it will be in the perfect condition to send to you. Though we have grown dramatically in our 30 years, our Bath shop remains the heart of our business, and the same 'cheesemonger spirit' resides in everything we do.


So all you need to do is take a browse through our online collection of cheese selections or fine food gifts. We have prepared perfectly balanced cheeseboards composed to a theme, and have also proposed their perfect partners for the complete cheeseboard experience. Each selection will arrive in perfectly ‘ripe and ready’ condition, along with a comprehensive cheese care guide on how to serve and care for your cheese. Simply pick your preferred selection, choose when you’d like to receive your order, then sit back and prepare to bask in the adulation of your friends and family.