1. A Zoom with a Blue
    A Zoom with a Blue

    Virtual cheese tasting events have become tremendously popular this year. In a year beset by lockdowns, restrictions and American elections, they offer a freeing sense of occasion and shared experience, something that has been sadly missing for many of us.

  2. The School Of Cool. How To Win Friends And Influence People With The Academy Of Cheese
    The School Of Cool. How To Win Friends And Influence People With The Academy Of Cheese

    Knowledge is power. And cheese is irresistible. So what do you get if you combine power with irresistibility?

  3. Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2020
    Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2020

    Dads can be difficult to buy for. At times they can be satisfied by simple pleasures, other times they may be gripped by ambitious DIY plans and projects...

  4. Saving British Cheese
    Saving British Cheese

    It has been immensely affecting to see the enthusiastic responses received by the campaigns in support of British cheesemakers...

  5. The Hand-Made Tale
    The Hand-Made Tale

    Fresh off the heels of International Women’s day, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate the enormous contribution made to our industry by talented women...

    Our founder, Ann-Marie Dyas, was one such woman...

  6. The Fine Cheese Co. Festival 2018
    The Fine Cheese Co. Festival 2018

    After a few years' hiatus, we're delighted to announce the return of The Fine Cheese Co.'s Festival at Milsom Place.

    Past events have proved this to be a perfect chance for fans of cheese from Bath and beyond, to spend the day with some of the fantastic cheesemakers the UK has to offer.

    Our line-up looks set to be one of the largest ever, which means a huge amount of cheese to try and buy!

    Our cheesemongers and the rest of the team from The Fine Cheese Co.  will also be nearby to help out and answer any questions you have on your favourite cheeses, old and new.

    As proud supporters of artisan British cheese, we encourage all cheese lovers to hear some of the stories and meet the faces behind Britain’s finest cheeses.

    The big event is being hosted by the stellar people at Milsom Place in the heart of Bath on Saturday 27th October from 10am to 5pm.

    From traditional Somerset raw milk Chedda

  7. Raw Milk Revolution
    Raw Milk Revolution

    Raw Milk Revolution

    Imagine if you discovered, quite by chance, a forest at the end of your garden.

    Certain it had never been there before, you proceed to venture into this wild and unexplored territory, whereupon you encounter sights, tastes and smells that were strange and delightful to your senses.

    Reeling from your discovery, you rush to tell your friends and family about it, but to your astonishment you are met with incredulity, or, even worse – declarations that you shouldn’t or couldn’t go to this mysterious new place.

    You suddenly begin to doubt the validity of your new discovery. Everyone you know seems to be against it, without really knowing why. Apart from one knowledgeable friend, who tells you that the forest is not new. It has always been there, is every bit as good as you thought it was and it is the natural way things are meant to be.

    This, dear reader, is something like what faces the fan of artisan cheese in today’s world. On Saturday April 21

  8. An Ode to Our Founder, Ann-Marie Dyas, on International Women's Day
    An Ode to Our Founder, Ann-Marie Dyas, on International Women's Day

    International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the achievements of women in all walks of life, but as cheese is our business, we got to thinking about the women who have influenced us and from whom we draw inspiration. Well, one name stood out above all others, that of our founder, Ann-Marie Dyas.

    For 30 years, Ann-Marie Dyas held a place at the heart of the artisan cheese industry.

    In the 1980s, she left behind a successful career in advertising and marketing, to open a cheese shop in Bath. The west country was the ideal place for a cheese shop as there were a clutch of fine, artisan cheesemakers nearby. The climate and pasture of our patch of England is just perfect for dairy cows, and Cheddar was not far down the road.

    Cheddar had long since become a commodity cheese, mass produced and sold in uninspiring blocks, but not far away, Jamie Montgomery and the

  9. Enjoy an Afternoon of the Finest Cheese and Wine at Waddesdon Manor
    Enjoy an Afternoon of the Finest Cheese and Wine at Waddesdon Manor

    One of the most exciting events in our calendar has to be the annual cheese and wine tasting that we run at Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire, among the Rothschild Collections.

    It doesn’t get much better than tasting cheese in the grand architecture of Waddesdon Manor. They have some fantastic wine knowledge and in the manor’s glorious cellars, are a collection of bottles that rival the best in the world.

    On Sunday 8th October, you have the choice of two tutored sessions at either 12.00 or 14.30. During these, you will have the chance to taste six of our most wonderful cheeses. Each one will be paired with a carefully selected wine.

    You’ll be in the company of Nicola, one of our most experienced team members. She is delighted to be hosting this event with the help of Peter at Waddesdon Manor.

    “It’s not every day you get to take part in a cheese event at such a palatial venue”, she said. “I’m really looking forward to meeting lots of interesting

  10. Some Words About Ann-Marie Dyas, Co-Founder of The Fine Cheese Co.
    Some Words About Ann-Marie Dyas, Co-Founder of The Fine Cheese Co.

    Ann-Marie Dyas The Fine Cheese Co. Bath

    We know how saddened you will be to learn that Ann-Marie died on Saturday morning, at her home in a house and village that she loved.

    Ann-Marie was the spirit of our business, and we are determined that this spirit will not lose its strength and momentum.

    Our vision and our values will not change.

    We have been so grateful to all those of you who have shown your commitment and loyalty to The Fine Cheese Co.

    We look forward to continuing this relationship, long into the future.

  11. The Fine Cheese Co. will be at the Artisan Cheese Fair 2017
    The Fine Cheese Co. will be at the Artisan Cheese Fair 2017

    Artisan Cheese Awards

    Who’s ready for one of the biggest cheese events of the year? It’s almost time for the eighth Artisan Cheese Fair, which is taking place on 29th and 30th April between 10am and 4pm.

    There will be more than 60 cheese-makers and upwards of 300 different cheeses at the Artisan Cheese Fair 2017, so it’s easy to see why this is the UK’s largest event of this kind.

    Of course, The Fine Cheese Co. isn’t only attending, we will have a stall and, on top of that, we helped judge the Artisan Cheese Awards. The winners of this prestigious event will be announced on Saturday night at a glitzy awards ceremony.

    We’ve also sponsored the mightiest award of them all, the Supreme Champion, and we can’t wait to see who the well-deserved winner is as they'll be presented with a £1,000 cheque from us

  12. Our Cheese Care Manager spends a week in Vermont
    Our Cheese Care Manager spends a week in Vermont

    Snow in Vermont

    As I landed in Boston Logan ready for my Jasper Hill Farm adventure, the heaviest snow storm in years swept in and the city was left knee deep in snow. Then, while the hordes of workers filed out to clear the pavements and roads with shovels in hand, I imagined what the route North to subarctic Vermont would look like.

    Despite my concerns, it ended up being fine thanks to our all-wheel drive vehicle. That is, until we ventured onto the back roads, where we narrowly missed the undefined road and beached on a covered snow bank. Fortunately, we were lucky enough to be within walking distance of our lodgings.

    It is the norm at Jasper Hill Farm to start early and finish late. So, in order to get the authentic experience, we braved Jasper Hill’s notorious elements and trudge out at dawn. Matteo and Andy Kehler began their farming and cheese-making activities in 1999. Their vision was to bring life back to th