Gift Guide: Cheese Accessories

Cheese, like Christmas itself, can be viewed as one of those pleasures that may only be enjoyed for a brief moment of time, before it becomes naught but a memory. This in no way makes it any less significant, it may in fact be part of what makes it so special.
But sometimes you may want to give a gift that has little more permanence to it. Something that can be used time and again.
We believe in simplicity, something that can add a touch of elegance to proceedings without being overstated. We don’t go in for the myriad different cheese tools you may find yourself faced with when out shopping either. More often than not, the tools are unnecessary, and are a poor substitute for a little bit of knowledge on serving and caring for your cheese.
You don’t want to be someone with “all the gear, but no idea”, so our Cheese Care Manager, Ruth Raskin, has written a handy guide on the do’s and don’ts of serving and caring for your cheese. This will feature in an upcoming blog, but those of you who order something for themselves will find a copy enclosed within your delivery.
So with that taken care of, the only thing left to do is to serve your cheese in a suitably appropriate fashion. We love our Ceramics’ range. Illustrated and designed by John Broadley, we think they are the perfect thing to ensure that your Christmas is the right kind of blue. Camembert bakers for a heavenly treat straight from the oven, a platter for serving, six ceramic plates for hosting and even a celery jug to lend visual appeal to your table. It can even double as a beautiful vase.
Or for something more traditional, our olive wood boards look fantastic and make serving your cheese course a breeze. For those who might be introducing your friends to something new, the slate board will afford you the option of writing the cheeses’ names in chalk.
Whatever you may decide, for a gift with a little permanence to it that will also add a touch of class to your evening, you can’t go wrong by keeping things simple.