1. J.T’s Cheese Odyssey

    J.T’s Cheese Odyssey

    Local Bath boy, J.T, can be found most days preparing excellent coffee to the customers of The Fine Cheese Co. shop in Bath. Despite being a devoted employee, J.T. knows very little about artisan cheese. In this series of short films we join J.T. on his journey of discovery, which takes him through the joys and trials of cheese tasting.

    J.T’s Cheese Odyssey - Part 1: Texture

    In this first episode, J.T. learns about the different textures of cheese. Faced with three cheeses, J.T. must try each one and describe the sensation he experiences.
    Featuring: J.T; Jake the Filmmaker; Wigmore, a soft, elegant and creamy ewes' milk cheese; Wyfe of Bath, a sweet, rich, hand-made, single-herd, Gouda-style English cheese; and Von Mühlenen Premier Cru Gruyère, a three times World Champion cheese – deep, powerful and lasting in flavour.

    Video and Music by Jake Chapman. (You can also find him at our shop in Bath!)

  2. The Simple Things - Ann-Marie Dyas talks about Waterloo & Wigmore
    The Simple Things - Ann-Marie Dyas talks about Waterloo & Wigmore

    The Simple Thinngs - Ann-Marie Dyas talks about baronet

    Ann-Marie talks about British twin cheeses, Waterloo and Wigmore. Waterloo is a delicately flavoured Guernsey milk cheese from Berkshire. Beautifully soft and rich as hollandaise. Its sister cheese, Wigmore, is made with ewes' milk and is elegantly creamy with a gentle flavour. Both are complemented delightfully by our own Damson Fruit for Cheese.