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Father's Day Gift Ideas 2020

There are a great many unknowns in this life.  What exactly is housed within Area 51? What happened to the crew of the Mary Celeste? What on earth would dad like for Father’s Day?

Dads can be difficult to buy for. At times they can be satisfied by simple pleasures, other times they may be gripped by ambitious D-I-Y plans and projects. There are even the occasions when they like nothing better than gathering an audience and imparting a bit of fatherly wisdom.

The trick, we have found, is to combine these different facets of dad, and you then have a gift idea that ticks all the right boxes.

Here are a few suitably satisfying ideas, along with an accompanying nugget of fatherly advice, that may well help you decide the right choice for your dad.

"Never Ask Someone To Do Something You Wouldn't Do Yourself"

"Cheers" The Cheese and Perfect Boozy Partners' Selection Box £28.00

Leading by example can be tough, but it is far easier when the leading choice is this enjoyable. Two cheeses that love to be washed down with a beer, which has been amply provided in this selection by a bottle of Bath Ales Gem, and Miller's Ale Crackers and Chutney.

"If A Job Is Worth Doing, It's Worth Doing Properly".

“Farther Afield” – The Classic Father’s Day Cheese Selection £40.00

This is your classic, traditional selection. A good, old-fashioned Lancashire, a Somerset Cheddar, a Shropshire Blue made to an historic recipe, and one of Britain's oldest soft cheeses.  Add to that the perfect partners, and it's a job well done.

"Listen To Your Elders"

“Ancestral” – The Father’s Day Father and Son Cheese Selection £30.00

Each of these sublime, award-winning cheeses has been made by a father and son team, with all the wisdom and experience of the father being passed down a generation, helping to make each of these cheeses even better with the passage of time.


"Never Do Things By Halves"

“Choc, Charc and Cheese” – The Complete Father’s Day Selection £51.00

This selection contains a little bit of everything, for the feaster who wants to go all in. A beautiful combination of Manchego, Stichelton and Tunworth meet their match with Miller's Harvest Three-Nut Crackers, Italian Antipasto and a chocolate cigar.


"Work Smarter Not Harder"


“Fit For A King” – The Father’s Day Lunch Selection £26.00

The smart dad knows that you don't have to spend hours creating something spectacular. All it takes is a few high-quality ingredients, and you have yourself an incredible spread, or with a little preparation, a fantastic Father's Day lunch.


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