When it comes to cheese, it can be very exciting when you come across the perfect accompaniment. Most people are familiar with which crackers and chutneys they like with their chosen cheese – but when it comes to lesser knows treats like Dottato Figs, or our Fruit and Nut Torta – not everyone knows how best to enjoy them. So we have decided to launch our “Adventures with Cheese” series, where we hope we can introduce to you a whole new range of exciting possibilities for building a cheese board with an added “wow” factor.

First up, featuring an intense treat all the way from Calabria in Southern Italy, is our video on slow baked Dottato Figs. These figs have been cooked in the oven for 12 hours, and then pressed tightly into a ball and wrapped in natural fig- leaves. To enjoy these figs, all you need do is remove the string and peel away the leaves to get to the tightly packed ball of figs waiting inside. Then you simply pull away the figs – which you will find to be dark & sticky with a sweet molasses like taste. You can leave them in the leaves and place on your cheeseboard for an interesting addition – try partnering them with a Pecorino, Gorgonzola or a soft cheese to see how just good they are!