Judges Hooked on Blu di Bufala and Rachel at World Cheese Awards 2017

Two of our favourites, the buffalo milk blue cheese, Blu di Bufala, and goats’ milk cheese, Rachel, hit the big time at The Guild of Fine Food’s recent World Cheese Awards in London.

Made by Caseificio Quattro Portoni , Blu di Bufala, picked up Best Italian Cheese, while White Lake Cheese’s Rachel is now officially the Best Goats’ Milk Cheese in the world.

Blu di Bufala wasn’t far off making it a perfect night. The cheese was awarded 69 points out of a possible 80 by the Super Jury of 16 judges, just shy of outright winner, Cornish Kern. It’s another tremendous accomplishment for a cheese that can’t seem to stop winning.

Blu di Bufala's winning streak continues

The trophy cabinet of Blu di Bufala must already be filled to overflowing, counting gold at Mondial du Fromage 2013 and 2015, and World’s Best Italian Cheese at the World Cheese Awards 2012 among its wins.

Not shaped liked the typical wheel many cheesemakers use, Blu di Bufala is almost a perfect cube. This light-flavoured blue cheese has a sweetness that perfectly accentuates the aromatics of the penicillium roqueforti, while the slightly open texture keeps its shape and melts in the mouth.

Held at the Tobacco Dock, the 30th anniversary edition of the awards formed part of this year’s Taste of London Festive Edition, and saw over 3000 entries from a record breaking 35 different countries. Several of our other artisan cheesemakers won big too.

Jamie Montgomery scooped Best Extra Mature Cheddar and in the Super Gold category, celebrating the 66 best cheeses in the world. Elsewhere, famed Swiss affineur, Walo von Mühlenen won a Super Gold for his Emmentaler AOP, White Lake Cheese picked up another for Pave Cobble and Village Maid scooped one for Spenwood.