Flipping Marvellous! Pancake Day’s Almost Here

The French have La Chandeleur and the Americans, well, they like pancakes most days. In the UK, however, we celebrate those flat, circles of joy each year on a specific day in February for Pancake Day.

It might be the tradition for lemon and sugar on your Pancake Day pancakes, but we like to make things a little more cheesey at The Fine Cheese Co. So, with the help of our Cheese Care & Quality Manager, Ruth, we’ve come up with some suggestions for several, delightful cheese fillings.

1. Kirkham’s Lancashire & The Fine Cheese Co. Peach Chutney for Cheese

Immediately after you’ve flipped your pancake for the first time in a pan over the hob, crumble a generous amount of the wonderfully moist, Kirkham’s Lancashire on top. It is perfect for pancakes because the cheese bubbles rather than melts.

Once you’ve placed the pancake on a plate and rolled it up, dollop some fresh and fruity The Fine Cheese Co. Peach Chutney for Cheese on the side. Add a little chutney to each bite for a wonderful mixture of savoury and sweet.

2. Petit Valencay and The Fine Cheese Co. Fig Chutney for Cheese

Cut your Petit Valencay into cubes and sprinkle evenly over your pancake. Similar to above, do this after it has been flipped for the first time, so that the cheese will slowly melt as the underside of the pancake cooks.

Just as the cheese shows the first signs of melting, drizzle some of our sweet and fruity, The Fine Cheese Co. Fig Chutney for Cheese in a line from one edge of the pancake to the other.

Push the pancake onto a plate, roll it up and then revel in the colourful flavours hitting your taste buds when you take the first bite.

3. Affineur Walo Le Gruyère AOC Extra Mature and Capocollo

The combination of cheese and ham is a favourite here each time pancake day comes around and this recipe is no different.

Start by grating some Affineur Walo Le Gruyère AOC Extra Mature over the freshly flipped pancake. Don't hold back with this sweet, perfectly balanced cheese and ensure there is a thorough coating.

When the cheese has almost finished melting, add the Capocollo. We quite like putting the pan, with the pancake, cheese and sliced meat on top, under the grill briefly to warm up the lean and gently smoked, hand-made ham. Be careful to not do this for too long or your pancake will crisp up.

You’re then ready to serve and enjoy this deliciously comforting dish.

4. Cornish Blue and Dr Honey Tokaj Area Premium Flavoured Honey

This is easily the most decadent of our four Pancake Day ideas. The rich, salty texture of the Cornish Blue with honey is superb, but when you add a walnut or two from the jar of Dr Honey Tokaj Area Premium Flavoured Honey, it’s absolutely divine.

Slice the blue cheese into triangles and then break it into pieces over your recently flipped pancake. As soon as the cheese softens, put the pancake on a plate with the cheese facing up and then roll.

Pour a teaspoon or two of the honey over the top and then add a couple of walnuts. Marvel in your creation, but not for too long because this tastes as good as it looks.